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Are you engaged and planning your wedding?  Have you started looking at photographers yet?  Yeah, I know, it’s quite a daunting task.  There are many, many local Wedding Photographers available around NOLA.  I know I’ve looked.  It also seems like everyone has their own rulebook when it comes to Wedding Photography Prices!  Your Wedding Portraits should not be a luxury you cannot afford.At Byrd’s Eye View Photography, we offer top quality, a personalized experience, all the bells and whistles you should expect from a High-End Wedding Photographer.  We simply do it for a lot less money than most.  How?  Well, we don't have an outside studio.  Yes, the customer pays for that fancy office or studio whether they like it or not. We also don't "pad" the bill with extras you don't want.  We do include all your EDITED images and Engagement Session along with every bridal package.